PLAYING is a non profit organization for the promotion of play in childhood and the advocacy of children's right to play, supporting their motor, cognitive, emotional, social development and their physical and mental health.


PLAYING aims at changing the culture around play, through raising awareness, education and support for parents, teachers and community services, as well as through shared play events for parents and children.we believe:
   PLAYING maintains that:
  • Every child has the right to free play in safe and challenging spaces, which promote creativity and friendship.
  • Parents and teachers should support and advocate the children's right to play.
  • Networking within the community as well as between parents and professionals is very important.
  • Play is powerful and essential for children's health and development.

PLAYING is proud to announce the implementation of  the play promotion programme “The Power of Play”, targeting the parents and teachers of preschool aged children attending state-run day care nurseries. The programme consists of a parent manual  and a teacher manual for the promotion of play in preschool-aged children, video lectures to support the implementation of the manual, as well as promotional material addressing the importance of play. Presentations of the programme will take place in the communities targeted and promotional materials will be available to the public.

Τhe programme is estimated to benefit approximately 5.500 children,  450 preschool teachers and 10.000 parents in Athens, Greece. 

The expected outcomes are :

• Increase in free, active, symbolic and co-operative play within the children targeted in the


• Raised awareness and increased knowledge and strategies of the nursery teachers

taking part in the programme

• Raised awareness and increased knowledge and strategies of the parents taking part in

the programme

• Improved parent-child interaction

• Raised awareness regarding the importance of play within the community

• Strengthened societal bonds and resilience in local communities 

The programme is funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.  


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